Swim Classes

The other day 'son' put his face in the water in the bathtub... twice. This

morning he said that he wants to swim every day and it's his favorite activity

at kids on 12! I asked him about the turnaround and he said it was because of


Please share this with drew. He's magic!                     Ashley, after school parent


 Please contact us for current swim session dates.

We’re proud of our Nickelodeon Parents picks award winning swim program!  We offer small group and private swim lessons. We teach with the same balance of fun, support and instruction that makes all of our programs successful.  Classes do fill up fast so we ask that you register prior to each swim session.  Sessions are 8 weeks and classes are a half hour except for swim team and private lessons which are 45 minutes.

Swim levels:

Guppies - This is a very beginner class.  Guppies may or may not be afraid of the water.  They cannot put their face in the water and have no swimming skills.  Guppies will need and recieve hands on assistance from the instuctor.

Dolphins - This is an intermediate class.  Dolphins can put their face in the water and can usually swim without floaties for a short distance.  Dolphins do not need hands on assistance from the instructor.  This class works on stroke development and breathing.

Sharks - This is an advanced class.  Sharks can swim but need help with breathing techniques, diving and the development of different strokes.

Swim Team Boot Camp - This is an advanced class with a goal towards building strength and speed.  Swim Team does work on strokes, breathing techniques, diving as well as speed.  This is a physically challenging class. 

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